Sam Feldstein

This is my website. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

This page was updated on June 25, 2024.


Hi, I’m Sam Feldstein. I used to want to be an author, but lately I’m more interested in web design. I’m fond of blogs, movies, and photography.

I’m available for hire as a contract web developer. My skills are probably best suited to small business and personal sites. I most recently built the site for Prairie Rose Arena.

Contact & Social

Things I Use

I don’t write fiction so much anymore, but when I did I used Scrivener. For distraction-free word-dumping, I use Enso. For writing everything else, taking notes, and managing files, I use Obsidian with the Minimal theme and the following community plugins:

My go-to dictionaries are:

I track RSS feeds with NetNewsWire. I read and annotate articles with Readwise and sometimes Omnivore. I store my notes and highlights in Obsidian using the plugins mentioned above.

For memorizing facts, quotes, and other information, I use spaced repetition via Anki.

For coding, I use VS Code.

I built this website with Astro.


Published Writing


Not Fiction

Writing Checklist

For context, I built my website with Astro.

  1. Draft in Obsidian
  2. Paste into Hemingway
  3. Run LanguageTool extension
  4. Run Grammarly extension
  5. Paste into VS Code
  6. Check Problems tab
  7. Check for broken links
  8. Add description
  9. Add tags
  10. Change date if needed
  11. Run Astro in dev mode, make sure everything looks okay
  12. Change draft status
  13. Change file name if needed